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1. Character bio/profile.
2.  This is an old fic I still like, but odds are I'm biased.
3. Most of my favorite old threads are behind the community cut, but this one went pretty well.
4. There's a lot of world building and history still available in her old livejournal and history in TN.
5. She's keeping the history she had in TN up until just before coming back as M-. If other characters who've come back don't want to remember their connection, let me know. It's easy enough to keep it from her memory as part of the general damage done when she became overwhelmed by elemental magic.
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Name: Mab
Fandom: Original (Heavily influenced by myth and folklore.)
Species: Faerie
Race: Unseelie
Alignment: Neutral
Age: Ancient in a possibly primordial sense.

Physical Description:
As a faerie, she possesses glamour, which innately gives her an otherworldly appeal that transcends her physical appearance. She is also a shapeshifter with no memory or sense of owning a specific physical form beyond remaining female and an extremely faint scar on her left hand. Her general preference is to be either redheaded or brunette. She is most likely to change forms after significant trauma or personal change.

Species/Race Notes:
Fae are an extremely diverse species that range vary greatly in appearance and ability. They range from very specific groups pixies, kelpies, red caps, and goblins all the way to the more amorphous groups that characterize the greater fae. They all possess some degree of glamour, magic, and some degree of immortality. Most are vulnerable to iron/steal and specific magics. Lying is a major taboo to the point of being impossible for some individuals, though telling deceptive truths is expected and art form.

Mab is one of the Greater Fae. There are the true gentry of the Fae of her ilk, possessing greater concentrations of magical power and strength. They tend towards humanoid forms and size with exceptional beauty. There is always some element to betray their true nature. In Mab this is two fold. Her teeth are unnecessarily sharp, and her body physically runs colder than the air around it and generally uses glamour to cause people without some kind of mystical ability to ignore that fact.

In Mab's native range, there's a clear delineation between two racial groups called the Seelie and Unseelie as a result of a combination of biological and social differences. Seelie are equipped with summer, light, and/or heat magics. Unseelie are able to use winter, darkness/shadow, and/or cold magics. Both races are capable of being truly vicious, but the Unseelie have a particular reputation for being particularly brutal and extreme. This is largely a product of being more open with their violence than the Seelie, who generally prefer to maintain an illusion of gentle beauty regardless of uglier truths that Unseelie revel in.

Mab has been the leader of a group of highly volatile, highly powerful group for a long, long time. This kind of blurs what was beforehand and what was after. She’s highly maternal, domineering, aggressive, and arrogant. It is import to remember above all else that Mab is both highly functioning and highly insane at the same time. The highly functioning had been funneled into being obsessive about being in control of the elements of her life, most specifically her own nation. She could and did delegate, but she must know what those she trusted are doing as they’re doing it.

The insanity covers a range. She is, like most Unseelie, a sadist which has evolved into piquerism and other more specific elements. She is also a masochist, which is most evident in her highly abusive relationship history. There is always a degree of unpredictability in her reactions to unexpected events. She can be cold and distant or highly emotional at the drop of the hat. This is least evident when she was with her children when they were young, and while she was working with her court where the obsession of maintaining control overwhelms the rest.

She has a tendency to put on masks, adapting personalities according to the needs of situation or needs of the people around her. It allows her to be misread at times.

Mab’s origin is a bit hazy, like most celtic entities. Her Christianity influenced origins come from that during the war between heaven and hell where some angels chose neither to fight with Heaven or Hell. After the was these neutral entities were cast to the earth to wait out until the end times or their physical deaths to go to Hell. These being became something other than angels or devils while living on the earth, ultimately becoming the Fae. Mab is one of the generation that remember being angels.

Her Pagan origins are fairly similar. The celtic deities had two divisions, one the dark half, the other the light. The battle raged between the two groups until the light won. The dark were left to the shadows, changing over time, becoming the fae. The light group eventually suffered a similar fate at the rise of the new Christian god’s. Celtic deities are have always been able to reproduce and be killed. Beyond that, her history is less open to interpretation.

After leading a roaming tribe of the strongest dark fae, she eventually settled and built a civilization over human generations on the isle of Tir na n’Og off the coast of ancient Ireland. There was a competing civilization of Seelie that grew along side her and her kind, lead by her eventual husband, Auberon. When tensions and warring threatened to destroy them both, it was agreed that a political marriage between the two leaders was the only thing that would keep them from completely destroying themselves. The result was a marriage that lasted more than four thousand years and started and ended many wars with it’s ups and downs.

In the mid 1400s, the Island of Tir na n’Og was threatened by the change of magic in the world. Because it was somewhat sentient, there was a shift and it moved from the physical earth into another plane. There are still gates between the two, and the sufficiently powerful can cross at will, but time runs differently between the two. This has led to a certain disconnect between Mab and the world.

Late 1980s, Mab conceived her first and only child to that time with her husband Aubern. Late into the pregnancy she was poisoned and very nearly died. The unborn child was not saved. Because the poisoner was one of Auberon’s mistresses, there was an undeniable friction and distance between them until he died in 2008. He was stabbed to death by his own sister.

After Auberon’s death, Mab picked up other relationships immediately. The second one stuck for a time, especially when she figured out the way to gain the fertility she lacked. Like many fertility treatments, it was overly effective and she conceived triplets by their human father, Robert “Bobby” di Ammazzi. Bobby is a serial killer and was killed then later resurrected as an avatar of Death. Their relationship self-destructed, and Mab sacrificed her relationship and connection to Bobby and one of her daughters in order to remove him from the lives of the other two children. This deal left Moira completely human, and the children she kept, Donovan and Isolde, more fae than human.

She became extremely close to the mad mercenary with a mouth called Deadpool in the midst of extracting herself from her connection to Bobby. They were set to be married when an attempt to remove further connections to her ex sent her into a magical spiral that made it impossible for Mab to remain in the human realm. She began to shift towards becoming an elemental goddess of winter over the century it took for her remaining children to become adults within the fae extended sense of adolescence. As part of their transition into becoming truly able to bear the crown (Donovan as King and Isolde as his heir and the princess), her children went through some extreme magical adventures to return their mother to her more natural state.

The last process required her to sacrifice her connection to Tir na n'Og as the queen, securing her children as the true next generation of royalty while removing herself from the power structure of the nation. She stayed only as long as necessary to make sure the transition was not going to result in the death of one or both children. She is now left trying to find the purpose in this portion of her exceptionally long life while also trying to adapt to be forced to return to an earth overrun with humanity that is actively destroying the seasonal cycle and eliminating winter.


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