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In the Heart of Winter

A Former Queen of the Unseelie. Survivor. A lost child of Domnu or one of the angels that only fell to earth, her history is complicated. As far as she is concerned, all that matters is that she is one of the Fae.

Mab ruled her kingdom with through sheer force of personality, becoming a force of nature. Her people were wild and violent, cruel and brilliant, with a gift for creation and healing that is only overmatched by their ability to destroy. They were the fury and rest of Winter, the danger and healing of Night, and she does what she can to encompass both while fighting to introduce the best features of modern culture to her people.

She failed. Or changed. Or her people have had to find a new way to survive in a world so full of iron and humanity. She's certainly had to.

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I have no faith. At best, I have violence. At worst, hope.

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